Important Notifications
 C.S.R 303 Radiation Protection Rules 2004    
 Notification Regarding Aadhaar Linkind Birth Registration (ALBR)activities in all registered private hospitals    
 Prohibition and Restrictions on sales of tobacoo products    
 PSGNotification for Health & Drug Controller Services    
 Circular related non partricipate all Hod's in the activities sponorsred Tabacco Industry    
 Creation of the posts ADC/Drug Inspector in the Department of Health Safety & Regulation H.P    
 Detail of samples recived in CTL Kandaghat w.e.f January 2016 to September 2016    
 Suggestions on behalf of Interveners Membersof National Inspection and Monitoring Committee(NIMC)Regarding W.P(C)No.349/2006titled Voluntary Health Association of Punjab Versus Union of India and Ors.    
 Regarding M/S Nestle India Limites's "Maggi Instant noodles with tastemaker" and other food products covered under Section 22 which have not been examined for risk/safety assessment-regarding.    
 Notification regarding Food Safety and Standards (Prohibition and Restrictionon Sales) and Tobacco and Nicotine as ingredients in any food products, Dated 20.07.2015    
 Regarding Laboratories accredited by the National Accreditation Board for testing and Calibration laboratories specified.    
 Slaughtering of animals not permissible under the FSS Act and Regulations    
 Notification of State Appropriate Authority and State Supervisory Board under Pre conception & Pre Natal Diagnostic techniques(Prohibition of Sex selection )Act 1994.    
 List of drugs banned in India: through Gazette notification under Section 26A of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940,by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare,GOI.    
 Regarding taking treatment in Empanelled CGHS Institutions    
 District Registering Authority for Clinical Establishment    
 State Council for Clinical Establishment    
Last Reviewed/Updated:01/09/2018