Message from the Advocate General Sh. Ashok Sharma
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Message from the Former Advocate General Sh. Shrawan Dogra
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Message from the former Advocate General Sh. R. K. Bawa 
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Returns of Assets and Liabilities


Return of Assets and Liabilities as on 31-03-2014

1. Sh. Ramesh Singh Thakur, Assistant Advocate General Click to view...! 

2. Sh. Jagdeep Singh Guleria, Assistant Advocate General  Click to view...! 

3. Sh. Rakesh Pal Singh, Assistant Advocate General Click to view...!

4. Sh. D. M. Kaushal, Superintendent Gr-I      Click to view...!

5. Sh. Subhash Dharupta, Superintendent Gr-I         Click to view...! 

6. Sh. Lekh Raj, Private Secretary   Click to view...!

7. Smt. Suman Sharda, PA to Advocate General   Click to view...!

8. Sh. Nirmal Grover, Superintendent Gr-II  Click to view...!

9. Sh. Inder Singh, Sr. Assistant  Click to view...!

10. Sh. Narender Kumar, Sr. Assistant  Click to view...!

11. Sh. Vir Sain SinghSr. Assistant Click to view...! 

12. Sh. Hem Raj, Sr. Assistant      Click to view...!

13. Sh. Surat RamSr. Assistant Click to view...!

14. Sh. Hari Prakash, Sr. Scale Stenographer Click to view...!

15. Sh. Radha Krishan, Sr. Scale Stenographer Click to view...!

16. Sh. Vinod Kumar Chauhan, Sr. Scale Stenographer Click to view...!

17. Smt. Sharmila Panta, Jr. Scale Stenographer  Click to view...!

18. Sh. Ashok Kumar, Jr. Assistant Click to view...!

19. Sh. Parmanand Rajta, Junior Assistant Click to view...!

20. Sh. Anita Devi, Clerck    Click to view...!

21. Sh. Rakesh Chandla, Clerk Click to view...!

22. Sh. Suresh Kumar, Clerk Click to view...!

23. Sh. Subhash ThakurClerk Click to view...!

24. Sh. Suman LataClerk  Click to view...!

25. Sh. Arjun Dass, Restorer   Click to view...!

26. Sh. Dharam Singh, Restorer   Click to view...!

27. Sandeep Kumar, Restorer Click to view...!

28. Sh. Sunder DasRestorer Click to view...!

29. Sh. Surender KumarRestorer  Click to view...!

30. Sh. Vijay Pal, Driver Click to view...!

31. Sh. Sanjay Sharma, Peon   Click to view...!

32. Sh. Dhyan Singh, Peon        Click to view...!

33. Sh. Femo Deen, Peon        Click to view...!

34. Sh. Hari Chand, Peon        Click to view...!

35. Sh. Lakshmi, Peon        Click to view...!

36. Sh. Laiq Ram, Peon        Click to view...!

37. Sh. Amar Nath, Peon        Click to view...!

38. Sh. Devi Singh, Peon        Click to view...! 

39. Sh. Puran Chand, Peon Click to view...!

40. Sh. Rajeev Kalyan, Peon Click to view...!

41. Sh. Ramesh Chand, Peon Click to view...!

42. Sh. Tirth RamPeon Click to view...!

43. Sh. Rakesh KumarChowkidar Click to view...!

44. Sh. Sohan LalChowkidar Click to view...!

45. Sh. Karam Singh, Sweeper Click to view...! 

46. Sh. Jagdeep Singh Rana, Assistant Advocate General 

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(1)Jagdeep Singh Rana (Assistant Advocate General)

(2)Jagdeep Singh Rana (Assistant Advocate General)

47. Suman Lata, Clerk  Click to view...!

48. Suresh Kumar, Clerk  Click to view...!

49. Tirth Ram, Peon  Click to view...!

50. Vinod Kumar Chauhan, Sr. Scale Steno  Click to view...!

51. Vir Sain Singh, Sr. Senior Assistant  Click to view...!